Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MAC Pigment Samples

MAC Pigment Samples
  • Prices are in USD
  • Price is per 1/4 teaspoon sample in a 3 gram screw top jar
  • 1/4 teaspoon sample lasts approx. 20-30 applications (depending on use)
  • Larger samples available, just ask!
  • Shipping:
    • Worldwide shipping for up to 8 samples: $3
    • Worldwide shipping for more than 8 samples: $4.50

MAC Cosmetics - $2.25:
  • Dark Soul: Charcoal black smoked with gold
  • Chocolate Brown: Shimmering chocolate copper/bronze (Frost)
  • Violet: Vivid bright violet-purple (Frost)
  • Cornflower: Pale pastel blue with shimmer blue/violet pearl (Frost)
  • Naval Blue: Subdued, frosted navy blue (Pearl)
  • Teal: Medium shimmering blue/green with pearl [not pictured]
  • Rose: High frosted rose with copper sparkle (Frost) [not pictured]

MAC Cosmetics PRO Product - $2.50:
  • Chartreuse (Pro product): Gold pearled chartreuse green
  • Pink Pearl (Pro product): Shimmery lavender pink (Pearl)

MAC Cosmetics Limited Edition - $2.75:
  • Gold Mode (Limited Edition): Tan gold
  • Blonde's Gold (Limited Ediion): Light tan with gold and white pearl
  • Jardin Aires (Limited Edition): Gilded peach with silver reflect glitter
  • Mutiny (Limited Edition): Clean sky blue with gold pearl [not pictured]
  • Circa Plum (Limited Edition): Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender (Frost) [not pictured]
  • Milk (Limited Edition): Frosty pale silvery pink [not pictured]
  • Cocomotion (Limited Edition): Dirty gold with a olive undertone with gold sparkle [not pictured]
  • Push the Edge (Limited Edition): Deep bright purple with pearl (Frost) [not pictured]

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  1. hi do you want to do a pigment sample trade?? i have vanilla pigment if you're interested =)